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OK, that was fun.  I probably ate too much, and slept too little, but there were several highlights that linger in my mind.

At the top of the list are the [ profile] hotchixwbooks : [ profile] ktpinto , [ profile] saraphina_marie ,[ profile] shadesong , and [ profile] terri_osborne , for excellent company, unsolicited hugs, and "88 Lines about 44 Fangirls" (© [ profile] slipjig ).   You made me feel welcome, and that's important to me.

Next comes my fellow panelists, including [ profile] auntiemame67 , [ profile] jducoeur , and [ profile] woodwardiocom , for making my panels a lot of fun.  Those who aren't on LJ, or who's ID's I don't know?  You were great too. (Except for the moderator who no-showed on Monday's panel.  *sigh*)

Oh, and if you ever need an evil minon, KT, come look me up. :)

As for the various people who stopped me to chat, take my picture, or entice me to volunteer as a panelist at other cons:  Thanks for making me feel like someone. :D

Oh, and for the only two other people who'll get this:

"All hail the monkey!" *clang*

Now, to catch up on all my books....

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Well, I've finally caught up with my sleep enough that I can give my impressions of the con without babbling _too_ much. :)
However, rather than my standard chronological report (which requires a sharper memory than I possess these days), I'm going to do this by topic:
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All in all, a positive experience, and some necessary decompression. Big yay.
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Sat 3:00 PM Studio Ghibli
Sat 4:00 PM Steampunk vs Cyberpunk (mod)
Sat 7:00 PM Retrofuturism
Sun 3:00 PM Steampunk: Clockwork Minds to Goth with Goggles (mod)
Sun 11:00 PM Mad Scientist Laugh Contest (the time is NOT a typo)

Looks like Saturday will be the busy day.
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People have already started posting these, so I might as well join in. :)

  • Eye of Argon Contest, Fri 8:00 PM: Probably the silliest panel I'll be on, although I more than likely won't crack up. If the Very Secret Diaries didn't, nothing will. :)
  • Anime in a Nutshell, Fri 9:00 PM: A traditional "Anime for Newbies" thing, so an old fart like me will probably be useful. :)
  • Steampunk: Clockwork Minds to Goth with Goggles, Sat 2:00 PM: Should be a fun panel. It's unclear who is moderating it, so I may end up doing so. EDIT: I've been given the mod slot.
  • Keeping the Faith: Changes in Your Comics, Sat 3:00 PM: The good news is, I'll be joined by several experienced panelists, like [info]jducoeur, [personal profile] mabfan, and Mercy Van Vlack. The scary news is, I'm the moderator. :)
  • Warren Ellis' Planetary, Sat 5:00 PM: Moderated by [info]woodwardiocom. Should be fun.


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